About the Collaborative

We combine the latest scientific findings of research and academic institutions with the interpretive expertise of science centers to develop exhibits, educational content, and outreach projects for the more than seven million annual visitors to more than 63 science education and research institutions, museums and nonprofit organizations throughout the Northeast. We have two chapters, one for New England and the other for Connecticut.


Our Programs

Collaborative programs offer members resources for climate change research, education and action:

Meet the Scientists: This program gets the most relevant, rigorously-reviewed science to environmental educators for interpretion to the public.

Speakers Series: Bringing global warming experts to member institutions for public talks on the issue.

Climate Change Backpack:® The Collaborative offers this unique teaching tool, as well as regular trainings on how to use it.

Teaching Tools: Projects at both the New England and Connecticut Collaboratives focus on finding and/or developing effective climate change education resources for both classrooms and science centers.

Keep Connecticut Cool: This Connecticut Science Center Collaborative program is asking middle and high school students to rise to the challenge of solving climate change.

Greening Program: Reduce your institution's greenhouse gas emissions (and help your visitors do the same!)